Our Staff

As They Appear in the Above Picture:


Eleanor (“Elly”) Nystrom

Eleanor (“Elly”) Nystrom, CNMT started Nuclear Medicine in the 1970’s. Her 4 decade career includes extensive laboratory and hospital work. She joined NMA as a technologist in 2004.

Robert (“Bob”) Monaghan

Robert (“Bob”) Monaghan, CNMT, our “lead” technologist started Nuclear Medicine in 1973. His career spanning 4 decades includes hospital and outpatient Nuclear Medicine. He joined NMA in 1997.

Tony E. Vasquez

Tony E. Vasquez, MD left academic medicine in 1985 to join the Gould Medical group in Modesto, CA, where he practiced Nuclear Medicine until coming to NMA in 2003.

Cynthia (“Cindy”) Diamond

Cynthia (“Cindy”) Diamond, our most recent addition is our primary receptionist.

Peter S. Robbins

Peter S. Robbins, MD left academic medicine in 1984 to persue a private practice opportunity only to return to academics in a teaching role. He joined NMA in 1999 and became director in 2002.

Kristen (“Kris”) Banda

Kristen (“Kris”) Banda, our administrator has been with NMA since its inception in 1996